What really happened to create the war in Syria?

Syria was one of the most successful countries in the world, with a democracy, human rights, and great wealth. It does not owe the World Bank once cent. Its self-sustaining economy produces cars, offers free medical to all citizens and people of all religions lived and worked together side-by-side, the way it has been for centuries at this magnificent historical crossroads with relics from every civilisation that built into its tapestry. Damascus ruled the entire Middle East and beyond during the Umayad dynasty, and since the last Caliphate (Turkish) Ottoman faded from history, Syria has stood proud with a great army and strong rulers who have taken office through democracy and stood for human rights in other parts of the world.

One of the reasons the Syrian Government has been negated by international media (driven by policy and politics) is that it remains one of the few countries today standing up for Palestinians and their rights, and Israel will go to great lengths on the international stage to weaken its opposition, even though a shared border has been successfully negotiated all these years. Finding more motives is also simple, Syria is one of the richest countries in resources and minerals. Foreign mining is already undergoing in the “proposed” no-fly zone which was the honey-pot collaborative powers were after. Will they reach the rivers, and control the most sought-after resource in the desert?

There is a wider game to destabilise the entire region and create puppet governments who are weak and unable to operate independently of “Western” powers, Syria could not be attacked by the traditional weapons of war, as it was too resilient. A silent and propagandist war began more than ten years ago. The rebel forces who today remain unable to reach a compromise with the Syrian Government to end the war and loss of lives, include many Syrians who come from poor families and were unemployed at the time of paid subscription to fight for what they initially believed was their freedom, but which was being manipulated by the wills of neighbouring and other countries around the world to unsettle Syria at its foundation, amongst its citizens. One of the greatest knives slicing the unity of the Syrian people was the plan to set religious groups against each other, a common strategy in many neighbouring countries, where the religions and tribes lived in relative harmony or at least balance with each other, maintained by strong, experienced leaders. The West cannot understand or have any skill in managing this fragile balance. It is the product of centuries of sovereignty in this region.

News channels have been hijacked by political agenda’s, producing a plethora of conflicting and slanted reports, depending on the political angle its patrons wish to project. The ordinary citizens of the Middle East bear the brunt of such greed and manipulation, being uprooted from their homes and being traumatised by devastation of all kinds, including the splitting up of families, communities, loosing loved ones, loosing their lives, or loosing their dignity, health and mobility.

In Syria where we have been documenting interviews with citizens, hospitals, representatives of the government, army and churches, I have come to understand the extent of the choke the international players have placed on this country. The hospitals struggle to access all medications, including for procedures like bone marrow transplants and cancer fighting drugs. New medical machinery is not accessible and parts replacements suffer severe delays of half a year. The Government has set a policy in place even with the private hospitals to cover expenses of civilian emergency admittances. Innocent people have been targeted by terrorists and on a visit to the hospital I saw an intake of the surviving 24 students whose campus had come under fire. Every day, ordinary citizens bear the brunt of a proxy war fought in their country.

One of the biggest conspiracies in this region is the manipulation of Christian civilians. In Syria, Christians have lived relatively successful and prosperous and lives and have now for some time been the most targeted group for terrorist attack. They have lost their homes, businesses and assets. Now Europe is opening its “humanitarian” doors in an attempt to relocate the Christian population and tempt them out of their homeland, to a promise of security and safety elsewhere.

Why is Europe allowing the refugees to drown at sea? Why not help the problem at its root and finish ISIS in one clean sweep? The Syrian Army explain they are able to finish the clean sweep with the weaponry they have, but will delay the moment every time and in every village that has come under attack, until all the civilians harboured within are safely evacuated. This exacerbates the length of the war, although the time delay woke up many of the rebel fighters who have suddenly ask themselves what they are really fighting for. The Syrian Government remains insistent it will come to any agreement to stop the bloodshed, so long as Syria remains a united country, and requires stabilisation in the region before it can hold elections again. Outsiders may offer opinions as to whether these elections are democratic or not, but if the stabilising Government of Syria is removed we will visit Iraq and Libya all over again. Do we need to create more refugees? I say no.

Syria needs support from the international community. We are members of TCSA, Truth Collective South Africa, who have come to Syria to ask questions and conduct firsthand interviews unbiased by the news agencies and economic monopolies. Our civilian, military and church interviews and photographs resources are online on this site.